In the UK, an organization that provides support, information, and advice for anyone with a gambling problem.

Garrison finish

In horse racing, coming from behind and winning in the final stretch. The approach is named after the jockey Snapper Garrison.


A castrated male horse.

goalscorer bet

Goalscorer betting is betting that a particular player will score a goal in a match.
Goalscorer betting


A term that describes the condition of a racecourse, which ranges from heavy to firm.


A Goliath bet is a combination bet which includes all possible multiple bet permutations that can be placed using eight selections.
Goliath Bet Explained


In horse racing, a category for specific races. In the UK, the best of Class 1 races - known as pattern races - are grouped into three grades, from Grade 1 to Grade 3. Grade 1 races are the top races.

graded stakes race

In North America, major stakes races classified by the North American Graded Stakes Committee as Grade I, II or III, based on the expected quality of competition.



group races

In Europe, major stake races classified as belonging to Groups 1, 2 or 3 based on the expected quality of entries and amount of prize money paid out by the race.