last goalscorer

Abbreviated as LGS, a bet on which player will score the final goal in a match.

lay bet

A bet that something won't happen. See lay betting for more information.

lay betting

Lay betting is betting that something won't happen. For example, you may bet that a team won't win a match or that a horse won't place in a flat race.
Lay betting

lay the favourite

Laying the favourite involves betting that the favourite in a race or competition won't win.
Laying the favourite

laying off

Another term for hedging.


A measurement of the distance between horses, roughly equivalent to the length of a horse. The number of lengths between horses is sometimes used to determine payouts on money back betting specials from bookies.


In betting, increasing the odds on a particular selection or outcome.

Level Stakes Profit

Abbreviated as LSP, the value of the profit that would have been made if each stake were worth one unit.


See last goalscorer


The current odds for an event.

listed stakes

An ungraded stakes race.

live betting

Live betting is betting that occurs while sports events are being played. It's also known as in-play betting.
Live betting


US term for a near-certain winner.


An outsider with long odds, considered unlikely to win.

Lucky 15

A Lucky 15 is a wager on four selections, consisting of 15 bets - four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a fourfold accumulator. If only one selection wins, returns are paid to double the odds.
The Lucky 15 bet

Lucky 31

A Lucky 31 bet is a full cover combination bet that comprises 31 bets placed on five selections in the betting markets.
The Lucky 31 bet

Lucky 63

A Lucky 63 bet is a full cover combination bet comprising 63 different bets placed on a total of six selections from the betting markets.
The Lucky 63 bet