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    A Patent bet is a full cover combination bet featuring seven sub-bets placed on three selections from the betting markets.

A Patent bet is a full cover combination bet featuring seven sub-bets placed on three selections from the betting markets.

The Patent bet is a small combination bet compared to behemoths like the Lucky 63 and Super Heinz. It can nevertheless earn much better payouts than singles placed on three selections.

Only one selection in a Patent needs to win in order for the bet to generate a return. However, depending on the odds, you’ll usually need at least two selections to win to turn a profit.

So, how many bets in a Patent bet?

A Patent bet comprises seven different bets placed across three bet types on three selections:

These sub-bets are structured in such a way that every selection appears at least once in each bet type.

Sub-betPatent bet breakdownNumber of bets
Singles1, 2, 33
Doubles1-2, 1-3, 2-33

How does a Patent bet work?

A Patent bet is fairly straightforward. It combines every possible combination of bet you can make when betting on three selections.

The key to succeeding with a Patent bet is keeping your bets as educated as possible. This is not the time to bet on a sport or selection you are not familiar with.

Once your selections are made, the process of placing a Patent bet is simple if you are using an online bookmaker.

The ‘Patent’ option will automatically appear on your betting slip and you will have the option of entering the stake for your bet.

This stake is the amount bet on each sub-bet, so keep in mind that your stake will be multiplied by seven to give you the total stake amount across the bet.

Once you have submitted your stake and placed your bet, you simply need to wait for your three selections to compete and produce results.

If one of your selections wins you will earn a return on your bet.

The point at which you make a profit depends on the odds on the selections that do win. For example, you would earn a profit on a Patent bet if one winning selection is priced over 7/1.

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Patent betting calculator

Use our patent betting calculator to find out how much you can make of a winning Patent, and the number of selections you need to win to earn a profit off your Patent bet.

*Select “Patent” from the bet type drop-down

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Patent betting strategy

Patent betting can be used either conservatively to generate better returns from bets on odds-on selections, or aggressively to start generating very profitable payouts.


As Patent bet example, let’s assume you bet on three top seed tennis players taking on lower ranked players in the first round of a Grand Slam tournament.

If each of these players is priced 1/2 and a base stake of £1, you would earn a £7.63 profit if all three players won.

That’s a big improvement on the £1.50 profit you’d earn if you bet on each separately. However, all three selections in your Patent would need to win to generate a profit off the bet.

Meanwhile, more aggressive betting tactics will give you the opportunity to profit off Patent bets with fewer selections, as well as generate big payouts if all three win.

For example, if you placed a winning £1 stake Patent bet on the underdogs in three tennis matches, each priced at 2/1, you’d score a profit of £56 against your £7 spend.

If two of your bets in this Patent won, you’d make a £8 profit, still favourable compared to the £6 profit you’d have earned from three winning singles on the same selections.

Of course the trade off in a more aggressive Patent bet is that each selection is less likely to win, and the probability of all three winning is considerably lower.

Patent bet FAQ

Which bookmakers offer Patent bets?

Patent bets are a standard feature at bookmakers like bet365Boylesports and William Hill. Simply make three selections at the bookie and the Patent bet option will automatically appear in the multiples/combination bets section of the betting slip.

What is a Patent bet in horseracing?

A horseracing Patent bet is no different to any other Patent bet with the exception that all three selections for the bet are made in horseracing betting markets.

What is a permed Patent bet?

A permed Patent bet uses up to three additional selections to create additional Patent bets using all possible bet combinations of the selections.

For example adding a fourth selection to a Patent bet would create a permed Patent comprising four separate Patents covering each possible combination of three selections

What are the benefits of a Patent bet?

A Patent bet is a straightforward way to amplify your winnings if you think you have three rock-solid selections in the betting markets.

For a slightly larger stake than you’d place on three singles you can earn a payout several times higher than you’d get if you simply won three separate singles.

How many bets in an each way Patent?

There are 14 bets in an each-way Patent.

How many bets in a permed Patent?

The number of bets in a permed Patent depends on the number of selections used to create the bet. For example, four selections in a permed Patent will generate 28 sub bets.

A permed Patent featuring six selections would generate 140 sub bets.

How many bets in a reverse forecast Patent?

There are 26 bets in a reverse forecast Patent: six forecast singles, 12 forecast doubles and 8 forecast trebles.

How many bets in a Union Jack Patent?

Union Jack is a permed Patent bet comprising eight Patent bets placed using nine selections in combinations matching a grid of the selections overlaying a Union Jack flag: 1-2-3, 1-4-7, 1-5-9, 2-5-8, 3-5-7, 3-6-9, 4-5-6, 7-8-9.

In total it comprises eight treble bets, 24 double bets and 24 single bets, for a total of 56 bets.

How many doubles in a Patent bet?

There are three doubles in a Patent bet.

How many selections in a Patent bet?

There are three selections in a Patent bet.

How to place a Patent bet on bet365?

To place a Patent bet on bet365 make three selections in different events in the betting markets. A Patent bet option will automatically appear as an option on the betting slip. Enter the stake you want to place on the bet slip and submit the betting slip to place your bet.

Is a Patent a good bet?

A Patent is a very handy bet if you have three strong selections that you are confident can win their events and want to maximize the return you’ll earn if they all win.

What happens with a non-runner in a Patent bet?

If there is a non-runner in a Patent bet the treble will become a double, affected doubles will become singles and the affected single will either be refunded or lost, depending on the terms of the bet and the bookie you placed it at.

What presents the best betting value a Patent or treble?

A Patent provides better value than a regular treble as it provides more opportunities to not only win money from successful selections, but also generates a return even if selections in your bet lose.

Which is the best bet a Trixie or a Patent?

A Patent gives you more opportunities to win than a Trixie bet as you’ll also score off the winning singles in your bet if any of your selections win. For a Trixie bet to pay out at least two of your three selections must win.

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