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    Perm (or permutation) betting is splitting the stake for a bet among multiple combined bets to cover different possible outcomes and so maximise the likelihood of a return

Perm betting is an option whenever you want to bet on two or more selections. Typically it involves splitting a stake you plan to bet on multiple selections among as many smaller, combination bets as possible.

Perm betting improves the likelihood of a return by increasing the number of alternative outcomes that will result in bets winning.

Example of a perm bet

As an example, you can “perm” the possible doubles for three selections – A, B and C – winning or placing in an event. This involves placing three double bets:

  • that selections A and B will win or place
  • that selections B and C will win or place
  • that selections A and C will win or place.

With this set of bets, you’ll be paid out if any two of the three selections win or place in an event. This differs from placing an accumulator bet (a treble), which would yield a return only if all three of the selections won. Also, if all three doubles win, the return from the bets is likely to be much higher than the return you’d get from three separate singles bets, each backing just one of the selections.

Perm betting could also, for example, involve betting on all possible trebles for four selections or all the fourfold accumulators for five selections. The number of possible bet combinations grows exponentially as the number of selections increases.

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