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    A rounder is a wager on three selections, consisting of three singles and three any to come (ATC) doubles. If the singles win, the same stakes originally placed on them will be placed on the doubles.

The advantage of a rounder bet is that you can win a lot more than you would by placing separate singles and doubles. However, you may lose your whole stake even if you have one winner.


Example of how a rounder bet works

Say you place a rounder bet specifying a stake of £2.

This means that you’re actually staking £6, or £2 on each of three selections in different events. For example, you might choose to back a horse in each of three races.

For any selection that wins, £2 will be placed on a double consisting of the two other selections, as follows:

  • if selection 1 wins, £2 is placed on a double on selections 2 and 3
  • if selection 2 wins, £2 is placed on a double on selections 1 and 3
  • if selection 3 wins, £2 is placed on a double on selections 1 and 2.

A rounder is a way of leveraging what you can win from comparatively small stakes. Essentially you pay for single bets but stand to win payouts from double bets, provided you have a bit of luck.

An interesting variation on the rounder is the roundabout.

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