Rugby betting tips

Rugby betting is taking off along with the sport, which is enjoying exponential growth. The result is extensive betting coverage, with up to 50 different betting markets available for major international and club matches. Use the following rugby betting tips to improve the accuracy of your bets.

Use head-to-head statistics

Head-to-head statistics are essential when betting on rugby. Perhaps more than in any other sport, specific rugby teams tend to dominate other teams year-in and year-out.

This is particularly true of international rugby, where power imbalances between teams can result in predictable patterns. If you’re aware of these patterns, you’ll be able to place more informed match and winning margin bets.

Check the weather

Weather has a substantial impact on the flow of a rugby union game, so knowing what the weather will do ahead of a match can help you place smarter bets.

Sunny weather is more likely to produce fast and flowing rugby with high scores, whereas wet weather generally produces tighter, lower-scoring contests.

Always consider the weather when placing winning-margin bets and under/over bets on the total tries or combined score betting markets.

Track injuries

Successful rugby teams learn to function as cohesive units, but typically one or two players are instrumental to overall team performance. Injuries to key players can be devastating to a team, even if other positions are populated by quality players.

The better you know the tournaments and teams you follow, the better you’ll be able to predict the impact of injuries, and even substitutions, on the outcome of matches.

Check team schedules

Rugby takes a heavy toll on players, and a packed schedule can have a significant impact on how teams perform. A hectic schedule is likely to have a negative impact on a team’s form, as well as making injuries more likely. Considering a team’s schedule can be particularly important before placing bets on outright winner markets for tournaments.

Monitor rugby news

A number of websites track the latest news from the rugby world. Information you get on the latest events in your chosen league can be the difference between making winning and losing bets. Dust-ups in training, managerial problems, ineffectively handled player injuries and mid-season player transfers can all have a substantial impact on the performance of a rugby team.

Consider using winning margin betting

Winning margin betting can be extremely lucrative for punters who bet on rugby.

Many bookmakers offer both 5 and 10-point margins, allowing rugby fans to back teams at far higher odds than in the match betting markets.

You can also use winning margin betting markets to hedge bets placed in match betting markets. Place a back bet in the match betting market, and then back the opponent to win by 1-10 points in winning margin market to hedge your bet.

Shop for the best odds

It’s wise to compare odds before placing rugby bets, particularly when trying to extract value from the type of one-sided encounters that typify international rugby. Odds comparison services can help you track down the largest selection of rugby betting markets.

Take advantage of specials

A small selection of bookmakers, including bet365 and Boylesports, routinely offer money-back specials on high-profile rugby matches. If you’re placing bets on the try scorer or winning margin markets, these specials can give you a considerable advantage. Also aim to take advantage of free bet offers whenever possible.

Manage your bankroll

Good money management is the key to maximising long-term profits and minimizing short-term losses. Visit our guide to money management to find out how flat betting and setting a maximum stake can improve your chances of generating long-term profits from rugby betting.

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