Sports betting law in New Zealand

New Zealand has a history of suppressing sports betting activities as part of its tight regulation of all forms of gambling. Remote gambling in all forms is explicitly prohibited – with the exception of remote gambling offered by providers outside of New Zealand. This loophole effectively legalises all forms of Internet gambling offered by providers based outside the country.

Laws governing betting in New Zealand

The Gambling Act of 2003

All forms of gambling in New Zealand are regulated by the Department of Internal Affairs, which enforces the Gambling Act of 2003. This Act places strong controls on all forms of gambling within New Zealand. It allows the provision of gambling services only in the form of government lotteries and by non-profit casinos operated by charitable foundations.

In addition, the Gambling Act of 2003 explicitly prohibits “remote interactive gambling”. This legislation prohibits companies in New Zealand from offering or advertising gambling services. In addition, New Zealand citizens are prohibited from participating in unauthorised gambling activities.

A quirk of the Gambling Act of 2003 is that it applies only to exchanges between New Zealanders and gambling companies based within the borders of New Zealand. New Zealanders are free to gamble using overseas gambling facilities, including those available on the internet.

Is it legal to bet online in New Zealand?

It is legal to bet online in New Zealand, provided the bets are placed with a bookmaker located overseas. This means it legal to bet with all major British and European bookmakers. Also, foreign bookmakers aren’t required to obtain a license before accepting clients from New Zealand.

Note, however, that New Zealanders who place bets with foreign bookmakers won’t enjoy any legal protection or recourse within New Zealand in the event of a dispute.

In summary, if you live in New Zealand, you can bet 100% legally at any of the online bookmakers listed on betHQ.

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