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    A Lucky 15 is a wager on four selections, consisting of 15 bets - four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a fourfold accumulator. If only one selection wins, returns are paid to double the odds.

A lucky 15 bet is one of the easiest multiple bets to place for beginners. However, if you’ve never placed a Lucky 15 before, it can still be a bit confusing and intimidating to place your first bet.

That’s why we’re here to help with our easy-to-understand guide to everything you need to know about Lucky 15 bets, including the Lucky 15 each-way bet explained.

What is a Lucky 15?

A Lucky 15 is a multiple bet which places 15 different single, double and accumulator bets across four selections in four different racing events.

These include:

  • 4 singles
  • 6 doubles
  • 4 trebles
  • 1 fourfold.

However, there is more to a Lucky 15 than the bets it comprises.

Some special rules apply to a Lucky 15, including:

  • double the odds paid out on relevant bets if only 1 selection wins (only the win portion is paid out on each-way bets)
  • a 10% bonus is paid out if all the selections win.

How to place a Lucky 15 bet

Placing a Lucky 15 bet is really simple, particularly if you place the bet online.

To place a Lucky 15 bet:

1. Make four selections in betting markets of your choice

2. These will automatically appear on your betting slip

3. Once all four bets have been placed, scroll down the betting slip and you should see an option for placing multiple bets, including a Lucky 15

4. Choose this option

5. Enter the stake you want bet on the Lucky 15.

And you’re done.

How to place a Lucky 15 each-way bet

When placing a Lucky 15 bet you have the option of betting each-way with your stake.

This will effectively double up your bet and double your stake, putting you in line to earn payouts on bets where your selections place.

Be aware that that there are some Lucky 15 each-way rules: each-way betting on Lucky 15s will only be available where you bet only on events where each-way bets are possible.

For example, you can place Lucky 15-each way bets where all four of your selections are competing in a race where each-way betting is possible.

However, if you also bet on a match result in a football game, the each-way option will not appear for Lucky 15 bets on your betting slip.

Where to place a Lucky 15 bet

You can easily place Lucky 15 bets at the following trusted bookmakers:

Lucky 15 strategy

Lucky 15 bets don’t require a unique betting strategy.

Generally you want to stick to some of the common-sense guidelines of sports betting:

  • Bet on sports, leagues and selections that you know
  • Make selections where bookies appear to have overpriced the likely outcome
  • Make use of each-way betting where it makes sense – this significantly improves the odds of generating returns off your bet
  • Keep your stake small. Lucky 15 bets can pay large returns on small bets.

Lucky 15 bet calculator

If you’re asking yourself ‘how do I calculate my winnings on a Lucky 15’, the simple answer is ‘use a bet calculator!’

There’s no point in doing all the work calculating the outcome of a Lucky 15 bet if a bet calculator can do it for you.

With so many permutations and rules, it’s easier to just plug your selections and their odds into our Lucky 15 bet calculator and let it crunch the numbers for you.

Online bookies’ betting slips will also automatically calculate the potential winnings on a Lucky 15 as soon as you enter a stake on the betting slip.

Be sure to select ‘Lucky 15’ under ‘Bet Type’ in the calculator below:

Open Calculator

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