When it comes down to it, odds are what sports betting is all about. Read on for clear, straightforward explanations of the different odds formats, of how odds are formulated and of exactly what odds indicate.


  • Many of the top bookies offer "best odds guaranteed" on horse races. But what does this mean?
  • Make sense of decimal odds and figure out how to convert them to fractional odds.
  • Fractional odds are the most popular in the UK. Learn how to interpret them.
  • Have any questions about how horse racing odds work? We provide feedback on common questions about horse racing odds in ...
  • Read on for an in-depth understanding of how betting odds are calculated and what they mean.
  • You might be familiar with fractional and decimal odds, but what are moneyline odds and how do they work?
  • What are "odds against" and what do they indicate about the likelihood of a win?
  • Learn how to convert from one odds format to another, with simple examples.
  • What's meant by "odds on" and what do they indicate?
  • A straightforward introduction to the concept of probability as it’s used in sports betting.

Once you've got a firm grasp of odds and what they mean, you're in a position to make informed sports bets. It's always a good idea to visit several bookmakers' sites – shopping around for the best odds is just as important as having some good betting strategies at your disposal.