Boost one Build #YourOdds football single bet of 3 or more selections, every day at William Hill

If enjoy building bets on specific football matches you can’t afford to ignore William Hill’s Boost One Build #YourOdds offer.

This will boost your winnings on qualifying Bet Builders, ensuring you get a little more extra value whenever you make the right call with your football bets.

How William Hill BYO Bet Boost works

There are a few requirements you’ll need to meet to benefit from William Hill’s bet builder booster.

  1. Open Build #YourOdds from William Hill’s football betting menu
  2. Select the match you want to build a bet on
  3. Build a bet of 3 or more selections
  4. Select ‘BYO Bet Boost’ on the betting slip
  5. Place a maximum bet of £20

If your bet wins the BYO Bet Boost winnings will be added to your account balance.

William Hill BYO Bet Boost FAQ

What is a build your odds bet?

A build your odds bet is an accumulator bet placed on a single event. Like an accumulator it ties together several bets into one bet with a single stake. The difference is that accumulator bets are usually spread across several events whereas a bet builder will focus on a one sports match or fixture.

How do I create a bet builder on William Hill?

To create a bet builder on William Hill you will need to navigate to the football menu on the website and then select ‘Build #YourOdds’ from the available submenu options. This will open a list of matches which you can use to build your bet. You can click on the ‘Build’ next to the match you want to bet on to build your bet.

Key terms and conditions

a. With effect from 21 June 2023, the promotion will run daily from 00:00:01 (UK time) to 23:59:59 (UK time), until cancelled or withdrawn by us (the promotion period).

b. The promotion is only available on Build #YourOdds football single bets of 3 or more selections on the same football match (the promotion markets).

c. Place a stake of up to £20 (the maximum stake), from your main account balance online via the William Hill website ( or William Hill iOS or Android Mobile app, to opt into the promotion during the promotion period.

d. Any ‘cash out’ value of the bet will be calculated at the original price of the bet, not the boosted price.

e. The BYO Bet Boost can only be redeemed on the promotion markets.

f. The BYO Bet Boost is non-refundable and cannot be withdrawn as cash.

g. The full value of the BYO Bet Boost should be redeemed in one stake. Any portion of the BYO Bet Boost that is not staked will be voided. The BYO Bet Boost can only be used once.

h. The BYO Bet Boost cannot be combined with other promotions or offers, such as Flash Odds or Enhanced Odds.

i. Bets you place using free bets cannot be combined with the BYO Bet Boost (whether for the full amount or a portion of the stake).

j. The promotion is only available to selected customers in the United Kingdom who place a qualifying bet on a promotion market online using the William Hill website ( or William Hill iOS or Android Mobile app. The promotion is not available in our shops or through our telebetting service.

k. William Hill reserves the right to withhold, restrict or cancel this promotion from individual customers/account holders at its reasonable discretion and with prior notice.

Full Terms and Conditions

a) We expect you to be fair when you take part in promotions. We consider certain types of play to be unfair and to breach these terms and conditions. We define these types of play as the following:

• using ‘minimal risk wagering patterns’ (that is, a set pattern of bets or stakes that unfairly minimises risks or opposite betting);

• sharing personalised promotions (that is, promotions only available to specific customers we offer them to) with others and/or taking part in any personalised promotion forwarded to you by someone else when it was not intended for you;

• colluding with other customers (that is, plotting with others to gain an unfair advantage) in relation to the promotion;

• taking advantage of broken mechanics and combination of loopholes on the game that leads to abusing the promotion/bonus; and

• purchasing all the tickets for a free game; or repeatedly depositing, cashing out and redepositing purely to gain a deposit related bonus.

b) If you take part in any play that we consider to be unfair, we may cancel any bonuses or promotions, reclaim any bonus you have received as part of any promotion we have cancelled, and either:

• void any bets funded by a bonus (that is, treat them as if they had never been placed); or

• remove any winnings relating to any bonus.

c) William Hill reserves the right to refuse the whole or part of any bet, stake or similar transaction requested by you: (a) where you have breached these terms and conditions; or (b) at any time in our sole discretion, except that we will not exercise (or seek to enforce) any such restriction if you have already made one or more qualifying bets in respect of the promotion and the exercise of our discretion would affect your ability to:

• receive the free bets, or the full expected value of the free bets, from the promotion, where you have placed all the necessary qualifying bets.

• place the remaining qualifying bets required by the promotion, and consequently receive the free bets, or the full expected value of the free bets, from the promotion, to which you would be entitled as a result; or

• materially affect your ability to complete the qualifying bets required by the promotion.

d) Regardless of anything else set out in these terms and conditions, you can withdraw funds from your main balance at any time, except where we must withhold the funds to meet our legal or regulatory obligations.

e) You may not participate in the promotion (and you will not be entitled to receive any free bets) if you have previously been informed by William Hill that you are excluded from participating in promotions or any gaming or wagering in William Hill shops.

f) William Hill has the right to refuse or withhold free bets (or any winnings from free bets) in the event of funds you have wagered being cancelled or denied by any payment service.

g) We can change or cancel this promotion, or change these terms and conditions:

• without giving you notice, if the change or cancellation is needed because of any change in law or regulation; or

• by giving you notice beforehand, if the change or cancellation is for any other valid reason (for example, if there is a fault in the software or systems we use to provide this promotion, or we identify a mistake in these terms and conditions).

h) We can also award an equivalent bonus to the one referred to in this promotion.

i) These terms and conditions are governed by, and interpreted in line with, the laws of England and Wales. Any legal action in connection with these terms and conditions will be dealt with in the courts of England and Wales.

The promoter of this promotion is WHG (International) Limited (trading as ‘William Hill’), a company incorporated and registered in Gibraltar (registered company number 99191) whose registered office is at 6/1 Waterport Place, Gibraltar. For full details of our terms and conditions and our cookies and privacy policies, please visit our website (

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