What is betHQ?

Propeller airplaneIn the last decade we’ve witnessed the shift from basic betting websites offering only fixed odds betting, to the high-tech websites and mobile apps currently offered by major UK bookmakers. These integrate fixed odds and tote betting, sports statistics, live streaming and many other useful features.

While bookie services are improving, there’s still a shortage of impartial, up to date, consistent information about the world of bookmakers and sports betting. betHQ is our mission to change this.

We’ve spent the past eight years building successful sports betting websites and producing content to help punters make better bets. After many hard-earned lessons and insights we’re ready to put into action what we’ve learned along the way; to create the only online betting guide you’ll ever need.

What you’ll find on betHQ

Whether you've never placed a bet in your life or are an experienced punter, betHQ will give you the edge.

Our Bookmakers section includes detailed, objective reviews of all the leading bookmakers, including descriptions and ratings of their financial stability, odds, promotions, web sites, mobile apps and customer service. It also includes every special offered by every major bookmaker updated daily, and the latest industry news.

The How to Bet section provides clear, well-written explanations of everything bet-related, from the low-down on betting exchanges and different betting markets to advanced betting strategies. Also don’t miss our comprehensive betting glossary.

What’s next

Providing a comprehensive guide to betting and bookies is just the first phase of the BetHQ master-plan.

We’re already working on bringing together the best that bookies have to offer on racing and football, giving you all the information you need to make the best selection, and get the best value from it. Over the next year we’ll extend our service to cover all major sports, covering these with our trademark impartial, no-nonsense approach.

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