Is Coral Down?

Want to know if Coral is down? Our Coral website uptime monitor checks the website every 3 minutes from locations around the globe, providing you with accurate status updates.

Frequently asked questions

It says Coral is up, but it does not work for me?

If this page says that the Coral website is up but you are still unable to view or access the website there is probably an issue with your device or internet connection that is causing the issue.

You can run through the following troubleshooting guide to access the website:

1. Visit the Coral Twitter account to check if there are any reports of website downtime or outages.

2. If there is no indication that the website is down in other locations the issue may be localized to your country or location. We check if the website is up in the United States, Germany, Finland, Australia and Japan. Status reports for other locations are available here and here.

3. A VPN service can also help you determine if your issue is location based. Connect to another location using a VPN and then attempt to access the site. Proceed with care as accessing your account from a restricted location could violate Coral’s T&Cs and the laws of the relevant country.

4. If you usually access Coral using a VPN this may be the issue. Bookies routinely block IP ranges used by VPNs to evade location restrictions. Disconnect your VPN and check if you are able to access the website.

5. Reset your existing connection by restarting your device and the router or modem you use to access the internet.

6.  If the problem persists, try a different internet connection. Your ISP may be blocking gambling-related content.

7. Try to access the website on a different device and see if you are able to access the Coral website.

8. If you can access Coral on a different device, then device settings that restrict content could be preventing you from accessing the website. Check your firewall, parental controls and antivirus settings to ensure they are not blocking the Coral website.

9. Another culprit could be your browser cache or cookies. To route around these open Coral in a secret/incognito window on your browser.

10. You can also try to access Coral on a browser you don’t usually use. For example, use Chrome if you usually use Firefox.

11. If either 9 or 10 work then you will need to clear the settings on your favourite browser using the instructions available here.

12. If your problems are not browser-related you can clear the DNS cache on your device. Instructions on how to do this are available here.

13. Finally you can attempt to change the IP address on your DNS server. Save your current DNS settings before you do this (this guide will assist). A list of alternative DNS server IPs can be found here.

I get an error code in my browser when I try to access Coral

You can refer to this guide to decode the browser codes you encounter when unable to view the Coral website.

It says Coral is down, what can I do?

1. Wait until the Coral team fixes the issue. The website won’t be down for long.

2. Follow Coral on Twitter for any updates on website status.

3. Speak to Coral customer support for more information.

4. Try out another bookie – you’ll probably score a free bet

How long is Coral down for?

The Coral website won’t be down for long. If you want an idea of how long it is usually down for, browse the Coral Twitter feed to find out how previous outages played out.

Why is Coral not working?

If Coral is not working for you it may be because the website is down either globally or in your location or because there are configuration issues with your device, browser or internet connection.

Coral live streaming is not working

We do not monitor Coral’s live streams. Contact Coral customer support for more information if you encounter this problem.

The Coral app is down

We do not monitor the status of the Coral betting app. However, the steps listed under ‘It says Coral is up, but it doesn’t work for me?’ can be used to troubleshoot various issues that may cause access issues with the app.

I am experiencing Coral login problems

The good news is the Coral website is up. However, you will need to contact Coral customer support to find out why you can’t access the website.

Which alternative bookmaker should I use?

Opting to register with an extra online bookmaker is a practical move, as it lets you continue placing bets even if Coral is temporarily offline. Additionally, you’ll gain access to a more extensive range of odds and betting promotions, as well as having an alternative bookie to rely on when necessary.

The bookmakers mentioned below are reputable and well-established in the industry.

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Coral support and contact details


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