Is Unibet Down?

The Unibet uptime monitor informs you of the current status of the Unibet website. Our systems check the Unibet website every 3 minutes from locations around the globe, allowing you to confirm whether the website is generally accessible or not.

Frequently asked questions

It says Unibet is up, but it does not work for me?

It is possible for the Unibet website to be operating but for issues with your device or internet connection to prevent you from accessing the website.

1. First check if the Unibet website is down in your specific location. Our systems check if the website is up in Germany, Finland, Japan, Australia and the United States. To check other locations you can go here or here.

2.  If Unibet is only unavailable in your location you can try to access the website using a VPN. Using a VPN may, however, violate Unibet’s terms and conditions as well as local online gambling laws, so proceed with caution.

3. If you are using a VPN there is a chance that Unibet may be blocking the IP ranges used by your VPN. This is particularly likely if you are using a free or cheap VPN where large numbers of users are likely to re-use the same IP ranges.

4. You can also visit the Unibet Twitter page and check if they are reporting downtime for any locations.

5. Check your device’s security and access settings, as these may be blocking access to gambling content or the Unibet website. Check the firewall, anti-virus software and parental control settings.

6. Reset your Internet connection. You can do this by turning your device off and on again, and doing the same with the router or modem connecting you to the internet.

7.  You can also attempt to change your Internet connection if you suspect your internet service provider may be blocking access to the Unibet website.

8. Open a private/incognito session on your web browser and attempt to access the Unibet website, this will bypass browser settings if these are blocking access.

9. If this does not work try to access Unibet on a different browser to the one you usually use. For example try Firefox if you usually use Chrome.

10. If you find that your browser is blocking access to the Unibet website you can clear your browser cache and cookies. Instructions on doing this are available here.

11. Clear your DNS cache. You can find out how to do this here.

12. If you still can’t access the Unibet website you can change the IP addresses on your DNS server. Save your current settings and then work through the guide to changing DNS settings here. You can find a list of alternative DNS server IPs here.

I get an error code in my browser when I try to access Unibet

You can look up the meaning of the error code you encounter on the Unibet website here.

It says Unibet is down, what can I do?

1. Be patient. The Unibet technical team will be working overtime to get the website up and running.

2. Keep an eye on the Unibet Twitter page as they will report any changes in website status

3. Contact Unibet support if you want more information.

4. Set up an account at another major bookmaker and place your bets there.

How long is Unibet down for?

The Unibet website will rarely be down for unscheduled maintenance for long periods. You can check how long it is typically down for by browsing the Unibet Twitter account for past downtime incidents.

Why is Unibet not working?

Unibet may be inaccessible because the website is down, there are configuration issues on the device you are using to access the website, or because of problems with your internet connection.

Unibet live streaming is not working

Our Unibet uptime monitor does not report on the status of Unibet’s live streaming services. If you are experiencing issues accessing live streaming please contact Unibet support or check their Twitter feed for reports on streaming issues.

The Unibet app is down

Our systems do not monitor the Unibet mobile app. If you are unable to access the app you can still attempt to troubleshoot the issue using the steps listed under ‘It says Unibet is up, but it doesn’t work for me?’.

I am experiencing Unibet login problems

If you are able to access the Unibet website but unable to login you will need to contact customer support for more information.

Which alternative bookmaker should I use?

Creating an account with an extra online bookmaker is a wise move, as it permits you to place bets even when Unibet is not operational. Moreover, it provides you with a broader selection of odds and betting promotions, as well as a backup bookie to utilize when required.

The bookies mentioned below are reputable and well-established in the market.

Official Unibet twitter timeline

Unibet support and contact details


Support site: