Can you have two Paddy Power accounts?

One of the most common questions we get is ‘can you open two Paddy Power accounts?’

There are several reasons why people would want to ask this question:

  1. You are unable to log into your existing Paddy Power account.
  2. You have had your account suspended by Paddy Power.
  3. You would like to repeatedly cash in the Paddy Power sign-up bonus or turn free bets into cash with matched betting.
  4. You would like to use a separate account to bet on behalf of friends or family members.

Whatever your reason for wanting to open multiple bookmaker accounts at Paddy Power, we’ll look at how to do this and explore whether or not you should be attempting to open more than one account at this bookmaker.

Can you have two Paddy Power accounts?

The simple answer is ‘no’. Paddy Power does not permit opening multiple betting accounts by a single user.

Their terms and conditions make this quite clear. Specifically, section 5.3 states:

One Account is permitted per customer. Paddy Power can close down any duplicate Accounts and cancel any Bets…

In other words, if you don’t stick to using one account Paddy Power will eventually find your new account and shut it down.

Now that you know that Paddy Power does not allow you to open more than one betting account, it should be obvious that this is risky and could result in you losing money.

If you go ahead and try to open multiple Paddy Power accounts there are several ways that Paddy Power can easily identify that you are the same person:

  • Failing to use a VPN and using the same IP address you used to access your original account.
  • Using the same bank accounts or other payment method you used on your previous account.
  • Using the same personal details – ranging from the same ID to the same address.

Even if you change your bank account and use a different IP address to try set up a second account you will be doing so at your own risk.

You may be tempted to use a family member to set up a separate account, but even there Paddy Power will pick up that the IP addresses are the same and suspend one of the accounts.

Bookmakers are aware of all these practices and have advanced AI systems in place to prevent users from exploiting multi accounting practices for matched betting and other purposes.

Best bookmakers to open new accounts with instead

Fortunately, there is a perfectly legal way to get free bet offers credited to your account and avoid any pitfalls created by attempting multi accounting at the same bookmaker.

And that is to instead use other major bookmakers and betting sites to open additional accounts.

There are numerous reasons to take this approach:

  • you can cash in on a sign-up bonus every time you open a new account
  • you can practice matched betting
  • many major UK bookies offer bigger sign-on bonuses than Paddy Power does
  • you will have other accounts to turn to if your Paddy Power account gets suspended or restricted for any reason
  • you won’t have to worry about using a VPN to mask your activity
  • you can use the same bank account and bank statement for all your betting activities.

In fact, once you consider the benefits of opening accounts at a selection of bookmakers, there is really no reason to take any risk and try to get around Paddy Power’s one account per user restrictions.

Where to open multiple accounts

There are many trusted, established bookmakers operating in the United Kingdom that are fully licensed and regulated.

These include the likes of:

If you are a fan of Paddy Power, Boylesports offers many of the same perks. While the branding is different and the tone is more formal at this Irish bookie, you’ll still get access to daily betting specials, great odds and a massive selection of betting markets.


Can I open a Paddy Power account for myself using a family member’s details?

Technically there is nothing to stop you opening a Paddy Power account using a family member’s details.

However, your family member will probably want you to use your own payment details, which will already have been registered with your existing Paddy Power account.

Furthermore, if you live in the same household, you will most likely have the same IPs, which means that would be picked up unless you used a VPN.

Is arbitrage legal at Paddy Power?

Arbitrage is not illegal as such, but bookmakers do try to prevent punters from indulging in it where possible, up to and including sharing information with other bookies.

Accounts that are identified as being used by arbers are often restricted, which is why people practicing arbitrage are amongst those most likely to attempt opening multiple accounts at this bookie.

Is opening multiple accounts considered suspicious betting by Paddy Power?

Yes, multiple accounts are specifically flagged under Suspicious Betting in Paddy Power’s terms and conditions, specifically clause 9.1.6:

where we reasonably suspect that you have opened duplicate Accounts or where we reasonably suspect that second or subsequent Accounts are under common control with your Account with a view to concealing the true worth, nature or pattern of Bets placed by you or on your behalf, even if second or subsequent Accounts are opened under different names;