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We offer expert tips on racing from one of the UK’s busiest racecourses with our free Wolverhampton racing tips. Collected from the leading racing pundits in the UK and Ireland, our Wolverhampton tips are available on every race day.

Nap Time Racecourse Tipster Best Odds Racecard
Angel Amadea 17:30 Wolverhampton
(The Guardian)
at Bet365
Hard Solution 18:00 Wolverhampton
(Norwich Evening News)
at Boylesports
Ellie Piper 18:00 Wolverhampton
(Jersey Evening Post)
Rory Paddock
at Boylesports
River Pride 19:00 Wolverhampton
(Wolverhampton Express & Star)
Andrew Bladen
at Bet365
Jilly Cooper 19:00 Wolverhampton
(East Anglian Daily Times)
Dean Kilbryde
at Bet365
Coco Jamboo 19:00 Wolverhampton
(Daily Telegraph)
at Bet365
Coco Jamboo 19:00 Wolverhampton
(The Times)
Rob Wright
at Bet365
Plumette 19:30 Wolverhampton
(The Scotsman)
at Boylesports
Plumette 19:30 Wolverhampton
(The i)
Jon Freeman
at Boylesports
Letmelivemylife 19:30 Wolverhampton
(Racing Post)
at William Hill
Lucky San Jore 20:00 Wolverhampton
(The Sun On Sunday)
at Boylesports
Pessoa 20:30 Wolverhampton
(Daily Mirror)
at Boylesports
Pessoa 20:30 Wolverhampton
(The Irish Sun)
at Boylesports
  Indicated odds were updated on 2023-03-27 11:00:27 UTC. Please note that odds are subject to change.

*Note: Tips are displayed on racing days only.


Get Wolverhampton racing tips from the experts

Betting on daily handicap racing can be even tougher than betting on high profile events at leading UK racecourses. You can do the hard work and try make sense of competitor form yourself, or you can get tips from some of the UK’s most respected racing pundits.

betHQ aggregates and publishes tips by leading UK racing publications and tipsters as respected as the Racing Post, Templegate, The Sun and Newsboy.


How our Wolverhampton betting tips work

betHQ automatically sources today’s Wolverhampton tips from leading tipsters in the United Kingdom and Ireland. These are published as soon as they are released.

We then analyse and sort the data, and display it according to the order of racing on the day card.

There’s nowhere else you’ll get the opinion of leading tipsters in the UK presented as accessibly as on betHQ.


Wolverhampton's Top Jockeys

Top jockey Wins vs Rides Win Percentage
Luke Morris 121-1012 12
Adam Kirby 86-408 21
Richard Kingscote 86-535 16
Oisin Murphy 61-260 23
Joe Fanning 59-431 14

*Top jockey performance is based on the previous 5 seasons.


Wolverhampton's Top Trainers

Top trainer Wins vs Runs Win Percentage
David Evans 65-576 11
Michael Appleby 56-557 10
Tom Dascombe 53-335 16
Mark Johnston 53-403 13
Mark Loughnane 48-528 9

*Top trainer performance is based on the previous 5 seasons.


Races we cover in our Wolverhampton tips for today

The races we cover in our Wolverhampton racing tips depend on which races leading pundits are making predictions on.

This may not include every race run at the course, but with so much racing happening at Wolverhampton you’re likely to find a tip on races of interest, as well as racecourse highlights like the Lady Wulfruna Stakes and the Lincoln Trial Handicap.


Wolverhampton's Upcoming Fixtures

Day Date Code Surface
Friday 2020/01/03 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/01/06 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/01/10 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/01/13 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/01/15 Flat AWT
Sunday 2020/01/19 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/01/20 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/01/24 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/01/27 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/02/03 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/02/05 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/02/08 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/02/10 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/02/21 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/02/24 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/03/02 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/03/06 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/03/07 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/03/09 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/03/14 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/03/23 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/03/26 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/03/28 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/04/01 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/04/04 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/04/08 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/04/11 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/04/13 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/04/21 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/04/25 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/04/29 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/04/30 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/05/05 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/05/08 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/05/11 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/05/19 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/05/21 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/06/01 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/06/04 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/06/22 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/06/29 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/07/07 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/07/13 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/07/15 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/07/27 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/07/31 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/08/10 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/08/14 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/08/21 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/08/22 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/09/05 Flat AWT
Wednesday 2020/09/09 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/09/14 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/09/19 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/09/21 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/09/29 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/10/03 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/10/05 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/10/12 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/10/17 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/10/19 Flat AWT
Thursday 2020/10/22 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/10/31 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/11/02 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/11/14 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/11/16 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/11/21 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/11/24 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/11/28 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/11/30 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/12/01 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/12/05 Flat AWT
Monday 2020/12/07 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/12/12 Flat AWT
Tuesday 2020/12/15 Flat AWT
Friday 2020/12/18 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/12/19 Flat AWT
Saturday 2020/12/26 Flat AWT
Sunday 2020/12/27 Flat AWT